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NBA Live Mobile – Let’s discover NBA Royalty live events

NBA Live Mobile players have the chance to get Lebron James 95 OVR if they manage to acquire all the tokens from NBA Royalty live events.

Lebron James 95 OVR is one of the latest additions to the NBA Live Mobile card collection. This card is earned by completing a set. Players don’t have the option to buy the card from others using the auction house so they must be ready to put in some work if they want to get it. The set that rewards the card is completed with items obtained from two other sets. The items for these sets are acquired from the live events called NBA Royalty.

The first thing players need to do is to make sure they are level 10. Those who are below this level cannot access the event. They can see it on the live events map but they cannot take part in it. Leveling is not complicated at all. The best strategy is to complete season mode games. These award XP so players will quickly boost their level. Head to head games are another way to get XP but in a smaller amount. Players can complete live events to get XP too. They can check before starting a live event what the rewards are so they don’t waste time and stamina on an event that doesn’t award XP. Stamina Boost live event should be completed to get some fast stamina for free.

The NBA Royalty live event is a repeatable one. Players will get 250 NBA Live Mobile coins, 200 XP, an NBA Royalty Token, and a first time bonus. The bonus consists of 1,250 coins and 850 XP. This is an awesome bonus but it’s the token players are after. The two sets that must be completed in order to obtain the items for the King James set will require these tokens. Players need 20 different tokens. There are 10 tokens associated with Eastern Conference teams and 10 for Western Conference teams. Players need each team’s token. They will then obtain Conference tokens that are used for the set that rewards Lebron James OVR 95 card.

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